Making sense with Jeet Singh Arya

Bastar - Tribal heartland of India

29 January 2021 / 59 mins 54 secs

Show summary

In this episode of Namaskar India, Aradhana & Jeet talk about Bastar district of Chhattisgarh, which is a gold mine of fascinating tribal culture in India.

The discussion starts with defying the common notion around the area that it is a Naxal infested sensitive area prone to bullets & bloodshed. And then moves towards explaining the concept of eco-ethnic tourism, which Unexplored Bastar focuses on and how it is sustainable.

They talk about potpourri of countless attractions one can experience while visiting Bastar. And how Bastar is a well kept secret of Chhattisgarh, flaunting dense forests, hidden caves, gushing waterfalls, unique festivals, exquisite handicrafts and incredibly simple tribal people with their rich cultural heritage. They deliberate on things which we can take inspiration from tribal culture & lifestyle to find the peace, happiness & health we all long for.

They close the conversation with reflections on how one can make their passion their profession along with creating a positive impact and giving back to the society.