Making sense with Ashish Sharma

Be the change you want to see

27 November 2020 / 44 mins 49 secs

Show summary

In this episode of Namaskar India, Aradhana & Ashish discuss about doing something to bring about the change we hope to see in society instead of just complaining about things that are wrong.

The discussion starts with Ashish sharing his inspiration to start the Unmukt India campaign & Duayen Foundation. And then moves on to discussing Ashish’s work with his Duayen Foundation to eradicate child begging from Indian society and how resolving this one issue can effectively put children in school and eliminate many associated problems such as child trafficking, child prostitution, child labouring, rag picking, drug mafia, amongst a slew of others.

They discuss the true meaning of traveling which one can do metally, physically and spiritually. And deliberate on how we all can magnify our thoughts & convert those thoughts & ideas into action and contribute back to the society in whatever way and capacity we can.