Making sense with Vishnu Elayath

The spirit of languages

31 October 2020 / 17 mins 12 secs

Show summary

In this episode of Namaskar India, Aradhana & Vishnu discuss languages and how does one perceive it? What is it for? What does it facilitate?

The discussion starts by highlighting the scientific and social benefits of speaking multiple languages. And then moves on to discussing ornate languages like Sanskrit and its beauty. Along the way, prodding into how archaic languages help also in understanding and deciphering our history.

They discuss how reading old scriptures and their variants in different languages, help us in finding out commonalities and differences in them, which in turn help us in learning about socio-political conditions of the locale where they were originally composed. And deliberate on the need for having a common language like English. And will technology ever be able to translate the experiences and wisdom and stories hidden in our age old literature written in archaic languages.