Making sense with Utkarsh Patel

Re-visioning myths
modern era

24 October 2020 / 55 mins 47 secs

Show summary

In this episode of Namaskar India, Aradhana & Utkarsh discuss why myths need to be discussed, debated & understood from its basic rationale. And why we should try to learn from our myths and not just keep it as a holy text wrapped-up in a cloth not to be touched.

The discussion starts with a story establishing that several versions or retellings of the same myth can exist. And then moves on to discuss why a large part of the stories we hear in our country, be it our childhood stories and the ones told through our TV channels, movies, web series & novels tend to be inspired from mythology. Along the way, prodding into why is it necessary to humanize our Gods and mythology to really learn from these stories and take inspiration.

They discuss the reasoning behind the newfound interest of organizations & corporations in mythology attracting folks from marketing, film school, UX and many other professional tracks. They share how myth retellings are different from myth versions. And deliberate on what can be done to make these stories relatable, ensuring it resonates with our younger generation without losing its core essence or learning its trying to impart.