Making sense with Preethi Parthasarathy

Get off the beaten track!

26 September 2020 / 37 mins 15 secs

Show summary

In this episode of Namaskar India, Aradhana & Preethi discuss how to go about planning your off the beaten track adventure in India and discover some hidden gems.

The discussion starts with establishing India as a melting pot of so many things food, culture, traditions, architecture, recreational activities and what not. And then moves on to debunk the perception that for any type of exotic recreational activities, one has to go abroad. Along the way, prodding into why we should avoid cookie cutter itineraries and strive to escape the masses.

They share ideas on how one should plan and research before making a trip and what resources can come in handy. And deliberate on why it is important to get to know a place and it’s people intimately.