Season 01 | Episode 01

The beginning

23 June 2020 / 12 mins 51 secs

Show summary

Topic: History of India - Ancient India.

Timeline: Prehistoric - 2800 BCE.

What exactly is History of India? It’s definitely beyond the dynasties, empires, emperors & rulers in our history textbooks. It’s the ripple effects of actions, of countless number of people who came before us, which shaped the INDIA we live in today. There are layers and layers of history, over thousands of years of time, which significantly impacted our culture and civilization.

In this episode of Namaskar India, we start our journey in the jungles of Africa, which saw the evolution of humans from apes and their migration towards the grasslands. During the lithic period, which is divided into 3 parts - Paleolithic period, Mesolithic period and Neolithic period; humans started building stone tools, hunting, making fire, cooking, farming, domesticating animals, creating art and began to settle down as tribes near fertile river banks. In search of more fertile lands, humans embarked on travel expeditions and discovered new river systems across the landmass. The concept of early God’s started off by praying to elements of nature like fire, earth, air & water; maybe because humans were afraid of the power which lies within them.

With the onset of the Bronze Age, things got revolutionized and humans started building better tools, better weapons and better artwork. And this marked the turning point when the concept of civilizations started across the world - Indus Valley Civilization, Egyptian Civilization, Mesopotamian Civilization and Chinese Civilization.